Important Update

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As the Advisory Committee moves Community Safety and Well-Being Planning forward from 2021 to 2025, the following phases of work will be extremely important:

  • Action Table identification and planning to tackle specific areas of concern within the Priority Areas of Risk;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plans;
  • Ongoing community consultation, especially with people with lived experience/vulnerable populations most impacted within each Priority Area of Risk;
  • Achieving greater coordination and collaboration between existing issue and planning tables and supporting consolidation where appropriate; and
  • Providing annual progress reports from Action Tables to the Advisory Committee, to participating County and Municipal Councils, and to the communities at large.


Future community engagement may include:

  • Community surveys - Residents of Bruce County and Grey County were invited to complete our 2020 Community Engagement Survey (this was completely anonymous), and almost 2000 residents participated! This survey will be repeated as implementation begins, in order to ensure we are evaluating the impacts of our actions for the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan for the Municipalities of Bruce and Grey.
  • Community sessions (virtual or in-person, depending on community pandemic restrictions) - As the CSWBP for Bruce and Grey is implemented, Action Tables will be engaging with residents in order to identify specific actions that need to be taken in each of the Priority areas of Risk.