Important Update

Types of Partners


Core Partners – Are in involved in the functioning and development of the idea; members who have the authority to make decisions on behalf of their respective agencies/organizations regarding resources and priorities, or who are empowered to do so for the purposes of developing the plan (these are voting members of the Advisory Committee who are noted in the legislation as needing to lead/participate in planning, like Municipalities, Police Services, and certain health and social service organizations - these agencies have a mandate for community safety and well-being).

Involved Partners – Are frequently consulted and given opportunities to provide in-depth feedback; these partners are committed to attending meetings, supporting community engagement, and assisting with determining priorities of the plan, including the identification of risk factors, vulnerable populations and protective factors, and may also be involved in taking action on priorities (these are non-voting members of the Advisory Committee, and this group includes coordinators and representatives from community committees who are already working to take action on community safety and well-being issues).

Supportive Partners – Community members who want to provide some form of support and input; for example, by attending future community forums, answering surveys and providing input online. Supportive partners can participate through our survey (link above and below), attending a community session (dates and locations below), and by registering below to receive project updates!

Interested Partners – Community members who want to be kept informed of the progress of the initiative, but not be directly involved in the work; this could be by receiving updates through an Advisory Committee member, by newsletter or through social media, or by registering below to receive project updates..

Community Survey

Residents of Bruce County and Grey County are invited to complete our short online survey in order to share with us your ideas about the current state of well-being and feelings of safety in the people of Bruce and Grey so we can work together to focus on local actions to improve the quality of life for everyone. This survey is completely anonymous - WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Click here to complete survey

Please Note: To obtain a paper copy of the survey, please contact your local Municipal Office.

Community Sessions

A total of 34 community engagement sessions will be held across Bruce County and Grey County this spring, and the goal is to collect information from residents about the priority risks identified through the survey. There will be 2 regional sessions - one in Bruce County and one in Grey County - and 2 sessions will be held in each participating Municipality. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!